How Auto Salvage Yards Recycle Your Car

There will come a time when your precious car will end up being junk. Fortunately, bringing an old junk car to auto salvage yards is pretty straightforward. Once you sell the vehicle, you can take the money and go home.

But ever wonder what happens to your car once you sell them in the junkyard? Some car owners do not care once they receive their payment, but others would like to know what happens to their once precious vehicle. Well, wonder no more; this article will enumerate the possibilities. 

Welcome to the Salvage Yard

Salvage yards buy damaged, unusable, and even wrecked cars from owners who no longer find them useful. But note that these junkyards also buy junk cars that are still in good condition. 

Once your car is in a salvage yard, you can expect various things to happen to the vehicle itself. After all, the junkyard’s purpose is to ensure that most of the items brought to them can be recycled and reused in the most environmentally friendly way possible. They buy junk cars and recycle almost 95 percent of their parts.

Should your car end up in an authorized treatment facility, expect that they will treat your junk responsibly. They would undergo three steps:

  • The de-pollution process is when all the hazardous materials and components found inside the car (such as coolants, batteries, oil, and so on) are removed as part of their recycling process. 

If the parts are still reusable and in good condition, the junkyard would decide to sell them. Doing this would help the yard maximize the efficiency of its recycling process. Moreover, it can also minimize the possible harm or damage that the materials would eventually cause.

  • The dismantling process happens when they decide to remove certain car parts, such as the fenders, bumpers, trunk hood, doors, and lights. This step might require a fair amount of heavy labor, but it is easier than removing the parts and putting them back.
  • The destruction part is the last step they do when nothing else can be done to salvage your car. A crusher or a shredding machine can flatten them to recover the steel. Using a steel magnet, they can separate steel parts and sort them out. They can use the steel to create many other things. Another metal they can get from the car is aluminum, which they recycle to be part of a new car. 

Not all junk cars end up being crushed, though. Collectors want certain car brands even though they can never be used or repaired again. Some of the collector’s favorite cars are Ford Mustangs, Dodge, and other brands. 

Furthermore, cars found in auto salvage yards were not all brought there for a purpose. Some were abandoned on the streets, and some were from car accidents. These vehicles are immediately transferred to junkyards for inspection and potential disposal. In these scenarios, the junkyards wait until the owners come back and claim their cars. However, if that never happens, they will sell their parts or recycle them for other use. 


A car can last for many years, but it will eventually reach its end. If your vehicle is over fifteen years old and irreparable, it is time to let it go. A car’s journey can be quick and straightforward, but they are mostly recycled for bigger and greater purposes. 

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