Everything You Need to Know About Junk Cars and Scrap Cars

Since we’ve already talked about how selling junk cars can be a great source of income, many of you may be considering doing this yourself. However, be aware that it’s not as simple as it seems. In order to do this properly, you will have to make the necessary preparations and equip yourself with sufficient knowledge.

To help you out with this, we thought it would be useful to have a thorough discussion on this subject. If you want to learn more about this, read on as we break down everything you need to know about junk cars and scrap cars.

How Are Junk Cars Valued?

Car owners have no idea how much their junk cars are actually worth. This is understandable as there is no one way to determine a junk car’s value. The reason for this is simple: there are just too many factors to take into consideration when it comes to the value of junk cars. Everything from the car’s age, condition, make, model and year will influence how much your junk car is worth. To add to this, the state of the market also heavily influences the value of junk cars. You’ll want to familiarize yourself with all of these things to ensure that you get the right price for your junk car.

Lastly, the buyer of the car also influences the payout for your junk car. Different buyers operate in different ways and will tend to offer varying prices for your car. Buyers who aren’t established in this industry tend to low-ball and underpay for cars. It’s in your best interest to find a buyer that will help you get the most value out of your junk car.

What Are the Most Popular Junk Cars in the Market?

Not all cars are created equal. Some models are most popular and tend to garner the best prices. This is usually because their parts are in high demand. If you’re looking to get the highest payout, you’ll certainly want to take note of these models:

  • Toyota Corolla
  • Buick Lacrosse
  • Mitsubishi Galant
  • Hyundai Accent
  • Dodge Durango
  • Ford Mustang
  • Toyota Camry
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • Honda Civic
  • Jeep Wrangler
  • Ford Taurus
  • Ford F-150

How Do You Get the Most Out of Your Junk Car?

Now, there are things you can do to get the most out of your junk car. The first thing you’ll want to do is to assess the condition of your car. Doing this will help you get an idea of how much your car should actually be worth. If the car is in poor condition and would be better off being sold for scrap, be sure to check your car for working parts. Before selling the car off for scrap, it’s important that you extract all the functioning parts as you can often sell these to maximize your profits.


We hope this article proves to be useful when it comes to helping you sell your junk car. You’ll want to be wary when selling your car, as there are people out there who will try to undervalue your car. To prevent this from happening, it’s key that you choose the right buyers and are properly informed about the cars that you’re selling.

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