Old Car Disposal: Best Ways to Get Rid of an Unwanted Car

Your car is expected to run an average of almost 12 years. Once it has outlived its usefulness and is already due for replacement, it’s best to dispose of it. Thankfully, here are some smart ways to get rid of an unwanted vehicle that does not impact the environment negatively and can even provide you with some quick cash:

Trade for a New Vehicle or Barter

An aged car with resale value or an old vehicle in good condition, particularly rare models, can be traded for a new one. It can save you money on the purchase price. Another practical method is to barter it for something useful. These options are ideal for you if your old vehicle costs little that selling it won’t get you your money back or you are interested in downgrading to a less fancy but more contemporary car.

Donate It

Consider donating your old car if its value is too low to sell, and barter is not an option. Since this is an altruistic move, make sure the vehicle does not require a high level of maintenance. This is because the recipient likely cannot afford to buy a car, which may mean they also have no money to repair it frequently. Additionally, beware of bogus charities, intermediaries, and legal complications.

Recycle Usable Parts

Almost 75 percent of a car’s components are recyclable. For this reason, don’t let your used car parts go to waste. Before sending your old vehicle to a scrapyard, scavenge it for recyclable pieces. For instance, consider recycling the tires as playground equipment. Check for other parts in good condition and look for ways to give them new lives.

Resell It

An old car that still runs and is in fair condition can be sold off to an individual or an auto dealer. But before putting the vehicle on the market, do minimal maintenance to improve its appearance and performance, attract more buyers, and get better deals.

Dismantle It

Used parts of an old car in good working condition can be sold for good money, especially popular vehicle models. Instead of letting it rot in the garage for years, a better option is to have it recycled. 

Consider dismantling the unwanted vehicle on your own or take it to a salvage yard. Contrary to popular belief, salvage yards are packed with more than just junk. They actually contain useful hidden treasures, like cheap car parts. The staff will dismantle the car and sell off its usable parts, which can be used by auto enthusiasts.

Sell It

Both aged cars that work optimally and vehicles that no longer run but still contain valuable parts are worth some money. Before selling, seek professional evaluation to determine a fair price for your vehicle. Doing this will help you know its real value and stand your ground when it comes to bargaining.


Getting rid of old vehicles shouldn’t always mean leaving them parked for years, taking up unnecessary space in the garage. Additionally, they are not useless at all times. Sometimes, what you see as junk may be a great car for another. They can even earn you some extra cash. Besides the methods listed above, consider joining cash for cars programs.

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