3 Valuable Parts of Your Scrap Car That You Can Sell for Cash

There are times when your most beloved car may finally meet the end of its life because of age and corrosion. While new models are definitely more durable when it comes to minor damage, old cars are more prone to even the slightest bit of wear, and they may stop working all of a sudden.

Of course, even though they have a sentimental value, you may still feel the urge to sell off a used car just to earn a couple of dollars. However, there is actually an alternative when it comes to selling it off. You may focus on checking its main parts and see which of them still work. If you are able to get something useful out of the junk car, you may earn a reasonable amount out of it.

The question is, how valuable are the parts of your old car? Are they even worth salvaging to be sold off? The answer to those questions is a resounding yes! If you’re still not convinced, no worries, as we’ve listed down some of the vital parts and their possible value for selling.


We will mention this right at the beginning; there is a tendency for your car to not have this since it may be decades old, and GPS navigation systems have just been introduced in recent years. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to check for one, especially because you should be able to sell it for a few hundred dollars. Just be sure that it isn’t damaged, as that may decrease the price value.

The Engine

This is perhaps one of the most valuable parts of your junk car. For the most part, this is the main reason why old vehicles suddenly never run again. Their old age and components can no longer cope with your frequent travels, thus, making them obsolete and unusable. However, just because your car no longer works doesn’t mean that it’s the engine’s fault. There are times when they aren’t even the main case; that is why you must check your junk car properly so that you may save the engine and sell it off for a good price.

The Transmission

This is another important part of the car that can be sold for a reasonable price. Basically, it is responsible for transferring the energy generated by the engine towards the wheels of the car, making it run according to your chosen direction. If this still works, be sure to check if it has little to no damage at all. Of course, slight damage or wear may lower its value, but still, that may just be enough to give you a good amount of cash.


These are just some of the important parts of a car that you may still salvage even after it has broken down. Be sure to check every bit of it and save up all the working parts. While it may be simple to just find a scrapyard that will manage the whole thing, you may actually earn more by selling the parts separately. So as long as you are able to prove that the parts still work, you may be given a good price by the buyer.

Although we don’t buy used parts specifically, we will buy your car and all of it’s old parts! Get an instant offer on your vehicle today!